Nanodrugs as-a-service  



Our scientists and engineers experts develop cutting-edge technologies, to deliver the highest quality of novel or reinnovated nano pharmaceutical formulations to our customers in a small fraction of time over current R&D methods, saving time, efforts, and resources. 


Save time, resources, efforts and increase your R&D IRR


Enjoy the advantages of Node, our software created with Artificial Intelligence and trained with Machine Learning algorithms that perform a rational, intensely iterative approach to drug discovery and development while performing a clinical insight throughout the process to identify and solve the greatest patient and clinical needs. 

Node Takes market insights to deliver the most efficient development pathways and the best commercial opportunities to increase the chance of seeing our disrupting medicines being delivered to the patients.


The result is a prolific and sustainable discovery engine of potent and specific Nanopharmaceutical drug candidates, that has already produced breakthrough nano drugs agents for the potential treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, and general tissue regeneration.



Speed and Efficiency



We are able to transform your drug formulations in a next-generation nano drug in a small fraction of time over current R&D methods, with the most efficient costs of production and improved benefits such as:


       -Increased effectivity
       -Increased bioavailability

       -Targeted bioavailability
       -Retarded bioavailability

       -Custom population-based pharmacokinetics


We are able to design nano pharmaceutical drugs according to the drug strategy you need or redesign your drug formulation to target new markets, customers, and needs in a record speed, to improve human lives.


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